Cheshire Community Theater

Curtain Up, Light the Lights!

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

September 16, 17, 18 2011

Director: Kim Wantroba



                                                                 Mark Wantroba

                                                                 Ryan Wantroba

                                                                 Eddie Schaefer


Mark Wantroba  - I am very excited to be finally performing with Ryan, actually on stage at the same time.  I am especially happy that Ryan has to wear all the dresses, I just don’t have the legs for it.   It’s not often that an actor gets to indulge both his love of Shakespeare and all things ADHD, but here it is.  I hope you enjoy it.   A big thanks to Eddie for helping out, Prairie Teddybear for lights and set, and my backstage help, whoever you may be.  A last note to my very special director, “I pray thee cease thy counsel, Which falls into mine ears as profitless as water in a sieve.”   translated as, “Ill say what I want, it’s improve baby!”.



Ryan Wantroba -  is thrilled to be back onstage with CCT.  Recently graduated from UConn with a degree in psychology and philosophy, he takes to the stage as an entertainer in order to practice performing for loose change.  He is trained well having performed Arsenic And Old Lace, It’s All In The Timing, and Owl Stretching Time with the student theater group Dramatic PAWS at UConn.   He also participated with the improve comedy group Agents of Improv, in order to better deal with hecklers.  Additionally, in order to practice his street-side trash can drumming, he can be seen practicing percussion in the pit bands of several theaters in the area;  he has played at UConn, Southington, Cheshire, Rocky Hill, Hole in the Wall in New Britain, and New Britain High School.  He would like to thank his parents for working with him onstage in order to prepare him for his future homelessness, and for not saying “we told you so” even once.  Yet.


Eddie Schaefer -  Eddie’s most recent appearance on the CCT stage was in the role of “Gordon Miller” in the 2010 production of Room Service.  His only other CCT production was in 1995 for Return Engagements.  Eddie  has also been in numerous productions around Connecticut over the last 25 years.   A Long Island native Eddie lives in Cheshire with his wife Samantha & daughter Amanda as well as a dog and several cats.   Eddie thanks his family for their patience with the rehearsals and for their encouragement to join this production.  Also thanks to Kim, Mark, and Ryan Wantroba for their endless patience during rehearsals!




Kim Wantroba (Director) -  Kim is thrilled to be directing another show for CCT, her second comedy in a row.  Her last show, The Girl In The Freudian Slip, told the story of a psychiatrist, his nutty family and friends.  This show features three actors in desperate need of psychiatric help, two of whom happen to be relatives.  Some people just can’t be let out of the house unsupervised!  In addition to trying to control the mayhem on stage, Kim is also the president of CCT.  All she asks for is a nice padded room with a view and her own box of crayons.