Cheshire Community Theater

Curtain Up, Light the Lights!

Jekyll & Hyde Scenes

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Are you telling me that there’s no limit to the number of reprises a song can have ?!

          How much for the ‘seven minute special’?

Look, up in the sky!  It’s a  bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Jekyll...

Sorry, the auditions for the Cap’n Crunch gig were last week!

Enough with the ginger ale.  If I don’t get some real champagne soon, I’m outa’ here!   Who’s with me?                                                                     

                Isn’t our set lovely?  Ye-s-s-s.

             Psst!  Got any Grey Poupon?

Sure, it’s all “Lovey-dovey” now, but just wait until we get home!

         Ouch!  Careful where you put that heel!

                                     Hello, boys!

                 GIRL POWER!

                Bring On The Men!

              It’s the only way to travel!

Get away from my ear!  Who do you think you are, Mike Tyson?

Maybe I shouldn’t have had those 6 burritos before the show...

               Do you smell something burning?

Oh, Poole, I didn’t recognize you with your shirt on!

    Let your fingers do the walking.

Papa, can you hear me?

Gene Kelly, eat your heart out!

Help me!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Is it the stage lights or your jacket that’s blinding me?

You can’t die now!  You didn’t put my name on the life insurance policy yet!


The leading ladies “Wow” the crowd in white.

Company bow, or rehearsal for Fiddler on the Roof  (“Tradition”)?   You decide.

Show’s over, time  to party!

Technical Director, Nat, one of our many unsung heroes