Cheshire Community Theater

Curtain Up, Light the Lights!

The Girl In The Freudian Slip

April 29, 30, May 1 2011

Director: Kim Wantroba


                                                                 Dr. Dewey Maugham  …………………Wade Elmer                 

                                                                 Paula Maugham …………………………Donna Ekegren                                     

                                                                 Leslie Maugham …………………………Deanna Giulietti                        

                                                                 Mr. Wellman ………………………………Toby Henst                   

                                                                 Dr. Alec Rice ………………………………Mark Wantroba                         

                                                                 Barbara Leonard …………………………Tina Perrotti                              

                                                                 Stage Manager……………………………Alan Behm

                                                                 Assistant Director………………………Noemi Gonzalez       



Donna Ekegren (Paula Maugham) has been acting since the third grade and still loves it. Some favorite roles include Lucille in The Cemetery Club, M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias, Melissa Gardner in Love Letters, Fonsia in The Gin Game, Rosie and Mae in Bye, Bye Birdie, Anna in the King and I, Elaine in The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Penny in You Can’t Take It With You, the oldest daughter in Quilters, Anne Sullivan in The Miracle Worker, Agnes Gooch in Mame and Maggie in The Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.  In addition, she currently works with a professional Improvisation troupe that performs three different shows in Connecticut and Massachusetts where she plays Stella, the very nasty ex-wife, of the mob boss, in a comedy wedding show and a murder mystery show and Mrs.  Stackwell, the ‘library cop’,  in the comedy class reunion.  She sends her love to her wonderful family, without whom, life would be extremely boring


Wade Elmer (Dr. Dewey Maugham) is psychologically pleased to be playing a psychiatrist who pursues his pathetic psychodrama in true Freudian style.  In other words, he's nuts and Wade finally gets to act naturally.    In Wade's other life (real not imaginary), he works as a normal plant pathologist leading a normal life doing normal things like inoculating asparagus plants, torturing eggplants, and beating up basil plants.  Wade has appeared in over 14 plays with CCT and is very pleased to be on stage with this great cast.  Thanks for coming!





Deanna Christina Giulietti (Leslie Maugham) is 17 years old and a senior at Cheshire High School.  She has actively participated in the drama department there. She played Madge in Picnic, Hope in Anything Goes, Mabel in Pride’s Crossing, Eponine in Les Miserables, Gwendolen in The Importance of Being Earnest, and just recently, Nellie in South Pacific.  She is so excited to be a part of this CCT show.  “I have met the most wonderful people and I am honored to perform with them onstage.   ENJOY THE SHOW! “






Toby Henst (Mr. Wellman)










Tina Marie Perrotti (Barbara Leonard) is making her CCT debut with this show.  She has previously appeared in shows in NYC, Joey & Maria's Italian Comedy Wedding and Joey & Maria's Family Reunion and most recently in The Stand Up Girl, written by her favorite playwright, Kathleen T. Wilts.  She wishes to thank her children, Juliana and Christopher, for putting a smile in her heart every day.






After a two year absence, studying Invertebrate Taxidermy with Tibetan monks, Mark Wantroba (Dr. Alec Rice) makes his return to the CCT stage.  Once again, he has been asked to play a wise guy with a thing for Scotch whiskey and women, another big reach.  He was very excited when his beautiful director mentioned a casting couch.  But with his typical lack of proper listening skills, he found himself carrying an actual couch to Cheshire High School instead.  And so it goes.  Many thanks to a great cast and crew.  “Kim, Ryan and Weasel – You guys rock!”




Director Kim Wantroba’s only previous directing experience was with CCT’s production of Cinderella in 2004.  After the trauma of dealing with a cast of thousands wore off, she decided once again to reach deep and somehow find the ability to tell people what to do.  She has also been seen ordering people about on stage as Mrs Webb in Our Town (Cheshire Community Theater), Vinnie in Life With Father (Southington Community Theater) and Malcolm’s mother in The Full Monty (Broad Brook Opera House).  Always being typecast, she is currently President of Cheshire Community Theater, giving  her even more opportunity to tell people what to do!  She would like to thank her fine cast for making this production such an enjoyable experience.



Noemi Gonzalez (Assistant Director) was born and raised in Silver City, Meriden. She attended St. Rose School where she sang in the choir.  At H.C. Wilcox Technical High School she took up electronics and graduated as an All-State basketball player.  She earned her Associates Degree in Business Administration and played for the women’s basketball team on scholarship at Concordia College in Bronxville, NY.  She performed in the Christ’s Passion Play for St. Rose Church in Meriden as one of the crying women and now wants to volunteer her time in the local community theater.  She thanks her family for their support and would like to thank Kim Wantroba for giving her this opportunity to volunteer with Cheshire Community Theater and providing the exposure she was looking for in casting and as her Assistant Director.



Alan Behm (Stage Manager)