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Jay and Arty Kurnitz, whose predicament is described in the title, are about to endure the longest year of their young lives. The action of the play is generated by a crisis in the life of Jay and Arty’s father, Eddie Kurnitz.  Jay and Arty learn that before their mother died from cancer their father, in order to pay her medical bills, borrowed money from a  loan shark.

Taking a high paying, war-related  job selling scrap metal is his only hope of repaying the loan shark, except that it requires him to travel. That means he must leave his two boys behind with his mother, the intimidating Grandma Kurnitz, in Eddie’s childhood home above the family candy store. The play begins with the three of them arriving at Grandma’s apartment so that Eddie can beg her to take the boys in for one year.

Cheshire High School's Thorp Auditorium

Friday, Saturday, Sunday April 25-27, 2014

Lost In Yonkers

A Comedic Drama By Neil Simon